My father passed away several years ago, and my grieving process has been a long unhealthy one. With some help I have recently started a healthier grieving process that allows me to celebrate my father rather than avoid any talk of him for fear of uncontrollable emotions. Thanks to Nikki’s prompt “LOVE” and Father’s Day, … More Love


  I was very excited when Nikki said she was going to start up her weekly creative prompt. She has been talking it over with me for awhile, and I think she picked a great prompt for the first challenge.


This weeks submission for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge.

Happy Earth Day

I’ve been a nature nut since I was a teenager. Growing up in NM, I discovered a love and a connection with nature. The serenity and beauty inspire me, and recharge me. It’s where I can go to center myself or find my zen. Back then it was hiking, camping, rock climbing, bouldering and escaping. … More Happy Earth Day


I came across this picture of a bicycle that many would consider broken, as it is unusable for it’s original purpose. A local jewelry store turned it into a lawn ornament, so it is not broken it just found a new purpose. I believe there is a valuable take away here. Thank you to Frank … More Broken