This Penguin Prompt is perfect for how I’m trying to go about my days. I’ve started trying to look at my life and days as small moments instead of one big whole. I try not let one bad incident ruin anything other than that moment. So far it’s going great.


I love most things about my country, and I love being an American, but I find it hard to be proud. I know there are a lot of people with the “if you don’t like it leave” mentality, if that’s you all I ask is that you hear me out before commenting or click the … More Independence


When most people think of gulls, they think of the ocean. These gulls with their transient nature have decided to give up the beaches of southern Texas and spend their time here at one of the small ponds here in the drylands of West Texas.


Why do we as humans have so much trouble with perseverance? Is it because we live in a time of convenience? Has technology and the speed of the world made it that easy to just quit and move on to something else? Is it the luxury of living in one of the wealthy countries?


My father passed away several years ago, and my grieving process has been a long unhealthy one. With some help I have recently started a healthier grieving process that allows me to celebrate my father rather than avoid any talk of him for fear of uncontrollable emotions. Thanks to Nikki’s prompt “LOVE” and Father’s Day, … More Love


  I was very excited when Nikki said she was going to start up her weekly creative prompt. She has been talking it over with me for awhile, and I think she picked a great prompt for the first challenge.


This weeks submission for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge.