The Steel House

Don’t panic, aliens have not landed. This is The Steel House in Ransom Canyon, Texas. This structure was started in 1973 by Robert Bruno, who was still working on it when he passed away in 2008. The house has been unoccupied sense that time. the interior is open to the public very rarely, but the exterior is completely accessible. The house sits  in a regular neighborhood side by side with ordinary houses. Robert Bruno was an interesting man. He and his former wife moved to Lubbock in ’71 so he could teach arts and architecture at the university. He had his methods of teaching that rubbed other professors the wrong way, so he left to dedicate himself to this project. He was unrestrained by money due to an irrigation system he invented for his wife at the time. She was an environmentalist, he invented the irrigation system as a gift. They divorced amicably in 2002. He left the irrigation company (worth millions) to a long time employee, that is now the caretaker of the Steel House. So, here it sits unoccupied standing guard over the Lake Ransom Canyon.


My contribution to Dutch Goes The Photo’s Tuesday Challenge: Structure


16 thoughts on “The Steel House

  1. Hi Steve, Thank you for sharing the interesting story and this structure. The first glance of the first picture made me curious of what it was. Your warning was timely to catch my attention. Your photos of different angles provide the detail of the structure and that’s wonderful.
    I follow you to see more of your great photos. Here’s my entry and would like to invite you to visit;

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