Cheesy Ball Goodness


How am I 45 years old, and just discovering the goodness that is the cheesy ball? Were my parents monsters that had a stash of the unnaturally neon orange balls of pure deliciousness and only brought them out after I was sleeping. Perhaps the town I was raised in had some sort of cheesy ball prohibition, and it was too dangerous to drive to the next county and smuggle them back. Maybe the universe had marked me as unworthy, and I have finally proven myself.

The reason does not matter, they are now in my life and in my house. I am currently trying to lose some weight, so this does create a slight problem. I know there is someone out there that has information on the cheesy ball diet, so I simply ask, if you have that information leave it in the comment section.



9 thoughts on “Cheesy Ball Goodness

  1. I think I ought to recognize the legendary Cheesy Ball, but its not coming clear. Still, cheesy anything can hardly be bad. Unfortunately, I have my doubts about it as a base for a weight loss diet.

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  2. I prefer crunchy cheetos to their puffy counterpart. However, my kids prefer the opposite. This is somewhat helpful in the avoidance factor. But the fact that I keep any snacks in the house for the kids means that I find my way to them at some point.

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