Motivation of the Week

family quote

I’ve decided to start each week off with a goal, or a certain aspect in my life to focus on and improve. In order to help stay focused and hold myself accountable, I will start my blogging week off with a quote or picture, or anything that I can tie to that goal.

This weeks motivation was inspired by Danny’s Question of the Day over at Dream Big Dream Often. If your not familiar with it, click the link to his blog and check it out. He posts a new one each day. Be warned, if you try and get away with a fluff answer, he will challenge you.

On March 9th he asked:

Do you give your spouse/family/significant other/partner the attention they deserve?

Here is how I answered.

Danny you struck a nerve with this one, but you can’t grow if you’re not honest. I love my family and if I’m not at work I’m at home. Nikki and I do pretty much everything together, and me and my son have our common interests. I used to think that was enough, if you get off work and go straight home, you’re a good family man. I understand that is not enough, there is way more to it. I’m working on personal growth right now. I’m lucky, I have a very encouraging, knowledgeable and loving wife that wants the best for me and our family. There is more to attention than answering a question when asked, it’s more than listening to someone and then moving on. Conversations need to be two sided to be considered conversations. So, no I don’t give my family the attention they deserve, but I see that and I’m growing. Ask me that question again next month and my answer will be much different. Thanks for the reminder.

So this week I’m going to focus on my family, because like the quote says – Family is everything.


6 thoughts on “Motivation of the Week

  1. It’s true. I’m looking forward to seeing next weeks thoughts on this. Family is everything and on many occasions I had to sacrifice those conversations due to my Air Force career. I loved that time I served, but I’m really enjoying the little conversations I get to have everyday.

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  2. What a thoughtful and honest answer you gave. And I agree, family is everything though sometimes I’m also guilty of not fully giving those around me the attention they deserve. Great post Steve.


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