My Thoughts On That


The Norwegian Public Broadcaster (NRK) has started testing a new system for the comment section of their website. On certain hot topic or controversial articles, readers are required to answer 3 multiple choice questions (the answers are in the article) pertaining to the article before commenting. This ensures people are reading the article and not reacting to the headline and then going straight to the comment section to vent. The results so far have been positive, with less fighting and more discussing.

My thoughts on that:

How do we get this implemented on Facebook and Twitter?


9 thoughts on “My Thoughts On That

  1. What!? Read more than the headline? Scandalous! Why, that might lead people into the dangerous territory of Critical Thinking and having to refer to the actual content of the item in their rants and spoil all the fun. Yes, ts a wonderful idea, but getting it to happen on our social media is something I don’t know how to do.

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  2. I’d love to see that happen. I’d pay to see that happen!

    Being a woman of a “certain age” I was roaming around cyberspace when there were no websites or webpages, only bulletin boards and external modems, and most everyone was nice or at least civil.

    Prodigy, AOL, Earthlink, and Netzero bought the first big influx of netizens…and rudeness. With the behavior of some, I thought even then, tests should be given before internet access was granted.

    Those days were polite compared to now.

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