The Price of Friendship


Do you need a friend? How about new friends? Better looking friends perhaps? There is a company in Japan that is offering a service called “Real Appeal” to take care of any of the above. When you sign up for the program you receive a catalog of “friends” to select from and are free to pick based on sex, gender, hair color, and other criteria. From there 70 US dollars (and you pay any travel expenses) will get you one friend for 2 hours to do pretty much anything outside of sex or breaking the law.

Most of the friends are hired to walk around with people and take selfies. The pictures belong to the client and they are free to post them on any social media platforms they want and for as long as they want.

Other “friends” have been hired forย funerals with the instructions toย wail, cry and carry on, or weddings to be grooms men, brides maids, or just sit with the family and weep. One guy hired a friend to stand in line with him for 7 hours to wait for the new Nike shoes to be released, and a high school student dropped $700 for 10 friends to pose for one picture hash tagged my posse.

If anyone is interested I’ll offer the same service for half that price.




20 thoughts on “The Price of Friendship

      1. Well…that’s, um…quite innovative. And quite insane. Some guy spent $700 for “friends” to be in a group photo? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’d have let him use seven of my siblings for an Amazon gift card…a $25 Amazon gift card. Sheesh! ๐Ÿ˜

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  1. I could kind of see if you had no friends and needed someone to accompany you to a wedding or event but couldn’t you just call an escort service for that? Lol! The idea of hiring friends is actually tragically sad. For me, I want friendships that happen organically. Like you are posting on a forum, you start sharing laughs with somebody, then you’re sharing emails and before you know it you’re talking daily about your world, her world, the state of the entire world, the funny moments of your lives and the sad and then you find yourselves 10 years down the road and she is still your bestie and you’re still sharing. Hey, that’s just what happened to me and Nikki. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    But I do imagine there are people in the world who don’t really do friendship but they do have moments when they don’t want to go to dinner or movies or weddings alone and are willing to pay for companionship. I didn’t realize what the going rate was though. Lol!

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  2. What’s the world coming to? Really, so sad. As for you Steve, I reckon both you and Nikki should fly over here, forget about the hiring and just come over for a good old fashioned visit, no payment required! ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿท

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