Fond Memories and Potty Humor


I’m in the mood to reminisce today, if your interested you’re welcome to come along.

When I was in my early 20’s I lived with two of my best friends, and the rest of our friends might as well have lived there as well. There was a group of us that varied anywhere from 5 of us to 7 or 8 depending on the day, and we did everything together. Rock climbing, hiking, camping, concerts, you name it.

When you spend that much time together it is inevitable that pranks will happen. We would call each other at work with disguised voices and ask off the wall questions, put each others car keys in a container of water and freeze it, the powdered cheese mix from a box of macaroni poured into the orange juice, marbles in the hub caps of each others cars, hiding shoelaces, and many others.

I had one roommate that over the course of several months we would pick the lock on the bathroom and take his towel and clothes while he was showering. It got to the point where he was hanging it over the shower head and would have to dry off with a partially wet towel, but I guess that was better than walking across the hall to his room, wet and naked.

The prank that stands out the most to me was actually one that didn’t go as planned. We were at a bar/restaurant and as we got up to leave and drive back to town everyone headed for the bathroom. I walked in and all the urinals and stalls were occupied by my friends, so seizing the opportunity to scare a friend, I picked a stall and grabbed onto it. I hung from the stall and violently shook it while making wild animal noises. The sound that emerged from the stall was mix of fright and confusion, and did not sound like any of my friends. I dropped down and noticed that everyone was staring at me with a look of shock and humor. I quickly walked out of the bathroom to let them deal with the fall out (stand up guy that I was) and found the friend that should have been in the stall standing outside waiting. After we all left and were on the road my friends relayed to me that it was an older gentleman that upon exiting the stall told my friends “I don’t know what the hell that was, but it literally scared the shit out of me”. I never lived that one down.

Those days in my late teens and early twenties, living in New Mexico was a fun time in my life and those were a great group of friends to experience it with. We have all gone our separate ways in life, but I look back on those times with fond memories.


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