I need of a mobile photo editor? Checkout Snapseed, it’s free, it’s not loaded with ad bloat, and has a slick and simple user interface.

Snapseed’s collection of tools will handle most any editing you need to do. Tuning the color and contrast, sharpening, cropping, adding a vignette, and several options for text. The crop tool has an option for cropping square, so you’re Instagram ready.

Once you’re ready to really have some fun you can play with Snapseed’s filters. Black and white, grunge, vintage, blur, these are just a few. My favorite filter is DRAMA, and just like the name implies it delivers. The drama filter has 2 levels of darkening, 2 levels of brightening, and 2 levels labeled drama that up the contrast to the maximum.

Use it on buildings to give them an even more dilapidated, abandoned look.

Darken 2 and drama 2
Drama 2

Use it on pictures of objects to grunge them up and accentuate that industrial feel.

Black and White and Drama 1
Drama 2

Where it really excels is with sky shots, take a sunny day and make it stormy or a sunset and give it that HDR hyper contrast look. They are sure to be a hit on Instagram.

Darken 1 and Drama 2
Drama 2

Once you’re done playing around you can save them to your phone, or instantly share them to social media or your favorite cloud storage site.

Give it a try, it costs you nothing, and if it’s not for you it uninstalls cleanly. It is available on the Google Play Store and Itunes.