The Best Part of Waking Up…

When I saw the Tuesday Photo Prompt: Morning, I was planning on posting a picture of my go to breakfast and the dawn sky. That’s was going to be it, challenge met and move on.


On Thursday however, as I was standing in the backyard with Vivi, looking at the morning sky and thinking about this prompt, I had the beginnings of a new mindset.

After having a long week of wrestling with stress demons instead of sleeping and going through my morning routine like a zombie, I found myself being somewhat introspective on Thursday. I had a wonderful conversation with Nikki through text that really helped me.

This started me down a trail of thought about mornings. I started thinking about how much people resent mornings, how many people utter the words “I’m not a morning person”, how many people are grouchy until noon. I’m not judging anyone, the alarm clock is the Joker to my Batman.

Here is what I came up.

Mornings should be the best part of the day. When your feet hit the floor at the start of a new day, anything is possible. It’s a chance to try something new, it’s a mulligan from the day before, it’s new ideas, fresh perspectives, new encounters. Mornings should be celebrated, and cherished, not dreaded. Do you really want to start what is potentially the  best day of your life off with a piss poor attitude?

You can’t rewire your brain over night. I don’t know what my initial thoughts will be in the morning when that alarm goes off, but I will keep my focus on one phrase. One phrase with an open meaning. TODAY COULD BE THE DAY.

quote morning



15 thoughts on “The Best Part of Waking Up…

  1. Follow up to my other comment. I love mornings but recently I have noticed some dread creeping on. I think the problem is my alarm clock is st for 6 AM. I think my body has a natural waking time of 6:30AM. That’s when I awake on the weekend when the alarm clock is off.


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