Happy Earth Day

I’ve been a nature nut since I was a teenager. Growing up in NM, I discovered a love and a connection with nature. The serenity and beauty inspire me, and recharge me. It’s where I can go to center myself or find my zen.

Back then it was hiking, camping, rock climbing, bouldering and escaping. These days it’s taking pictures and contemplating.

I think one of the things about nature that really gets me is the method of it. It’s just there and it adapts to whatever is thrown it’s way. It’s got a rhyme and cycle and everything is purposeful. I find it’s secrets to fascinating and mysterious.

Take these two fellows (or ladies, or one of each) they are Muscovy Ducks. How did these two come to live next to a pond in the middle of a city in West Texas? Where do they go in the winter? Will they be back to be two of my favorite photo subjects this year?



Happy Earth Day to all my friends around the world.

Submitted as part of Dutch Goes the Photo’s Tuesday Challenge


5 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

  1. Nature is fascinating. Like an area completely ravaged by fire or drought and it looks like nothing could ever grow or live there again and then a tiny little green sprout of something pokes thru the ashes or dirt and life begins all over again. It’s magnificent!

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