Motivation of the Week

In order to move forward on my journey of personal growth I have had to accept some things about myself that I don’t like. In the past I have tried telling myself that I will simply stop being this way, or I will get rid of that part of me, I will change it. I have always failed, and then felt even worse.

The one thing I have never tried is owning it, holding it in my hands and saying this is mine. I have just started reading about Carl Jung’s theory of the shadow self. It’s very interesting, and maybe is the answer to why nothing else has ever worked. If you don’t own your imperfections and your darkness, they will continually work against you. If you own it and are aware of it, you can have better control over it.

I’m by no means an expert, I have only just started reading about it, but so far it’s enlightening.



4 thoughts on “Motivation of the Week

  1. I guess most of us have difficulty accepting and owning our dark sides because it’s a painful truth…but then it comes first before we could change or do something about it…thanks for sharing this insight Steve! I hope you and Nikki have a wonderful week ahead!


  2. Yes! And embracing the broken, “ugly” parts of yourself. Rather than deluding ourselves by labeling those parts as more valuable or better than they are, once we learn to find value in our whole selves the imperfections and flaws lose the shamefulness they once inspired.
    (and I recognize that this sounds like flimsy internet psychology/philosophy, so its OK if you’re chuckling too)


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