I was very excited when Nikki said she was going to start up her weekly creative prompt. She has been talking it over with me for awhile, and I think she picked a great prompt for the first challenge.

One of the things I find most relaxing is lying on the floor and listening to Vivi breathe. When she is lying still she breathes in a very hypnotic pattern, I find myself breathing in the same pattern as her, and almost falling asleep.



19 thoughts on “RELAX

  1. Lovely, Steve 🙂 I agree that sleeping, or nearly sleeping pet is such a source of calm and relaxation. I love watching Freja sleep. And although I sometimes think about waking her up to get back for the daily jumping in our bed at impossible hours just to wake us, I just keep on staring… 🙂

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      1. Exactly 🙂 When we got her, she HAD to have a Scandinavian name… I really like the sound of “Freja” and I soon realized how much fun it was making other people say it 😉

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