Why do we as humans have so much trouble with perseverance? Is it because we live in a time of convenience? Has technology and the speed of the world made it that easy to just quit and move on to something else? Is it the luxury of living in one of the wealthy countries?


This week’s Penguin Prompt really got me thinking and looking around at nature. There are examples of perseverance all around us. In nature it’s about survival, it’s persevere or die.

These ants will climb to any heights in search of food, and find the one break in the concrete to dig a home.

Or look at these plants whether its bending to find sunlight, pushing up through a crack in the sidewalk or wall, or forcing their way through the fence, they find a way to grow.

I think we could all take inspiration from nature and the next time something seems to tough, think about how nature would handle it.


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