I Love The Drama

I love photography, photo editing, apps, and drama (not that kind of drama). My go to mobile choice for editing on the go gives me all the above in one app. If you’re not using Snapseed, go check it out. It’s free, it’s not loaded with ad bloat, and has a slick and simple user … More I Love The Drama

Take some time this week to spread a little kindness. Give someone a smile, let someone cut in front of you at the grocery store. Save that sweet parking spot for the next person. There are way too many acts of kindness to begin to mention, so get creative, make it a game, even if … More

Assassins and Wolves

I live in house of assassins and wolves. There are three of us (excluding Vivi for this story), Nikki, our son, and myself. So who is the assassin and who is wolf? All three of us are in fact both. At first glance it’s a normal family having a nice conversation. The assassin sits silently … More Assassins and Wolves